End-to-end chatbot solution

Powering your conversational agents.

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Powerful Chatbots

The most personal automated chat conversations with the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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Anywhere, Anytime

A scalable and performant engine that can be deployed on virtually every infrastructure for maximum availability and minimum response time.

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An intuitive and clean admin interface to manage, adapt, expand and analyze your chatbot.

What is Oswald?

Oswald is a powerful chatbot framework for training, building and creating intelligent chatbots. From helpful customer support chatbots to useful personal assistants… Oswald provides you with the right services and tools to integrate automated chat technology in your business while keeping it intelligent and personal.

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Things that make Oswald one of its kind:

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Admin Interface

Full control over your bots

Oswald comes with a powerful, yet intuitive web interface where you can retrain, adapt and expand your chatbot. IT as well as business will find its way through the admin interface because of the clean design and the advanced code editors.
Manage conversational flows
Get a clear overview of your chatbot’s conversational flows with an easy-to-use tree-structured dialog flow editor.
Train your AI
Feed the chatbot engine with natural language to improve the bot’s accuracy and make it even smarter.
Analytics & insights
Get more insight in your chatbot with advanced statistics and graphs. Learn from your insights and adapt your chatbot if needed.

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